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armagetron is a 3d version of the lightcycle game based on the disney movie tron. The concept is quite simple: Players are riding a futuristic motorcycle ('lightcycle') that leaves a trail behind. Any player hitting a wall will die ('coredump'). Players can brake but usually not stop completely, making it a challenge to avoid walls after a while. Lightcycles riding close along a wall ('grinding a wall') gain speed. Check out the picture section to get a visual impression of the game or choose to download a client from sourceforge

armagetronad (armagetron advanced)

armagetron advanced is a free armagetron fork under the GNU General Public Licence that is enhancing the game with some features and takes out some bugs. Major issues are:

You can download an armagetron advanced client via CVS. Also, check out the sourceforge site. You can access all project related links with the navigation bar at the top.


armagetron-eris is the dedicated master server that will authenticate the clients. it is planned that players can register their nicknames via a webfrontend. on each connect to a armagetronad-server it will ask for a password to authenticate the user. With this it is possible to have server-independent statistics and do serious ladder play as no other users can't hijack any nicknames as long as they don't have the password. We have no public code yet but once we have a running beta you will be able to download the code via cvs.

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